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Zaure Vuk

Zaure, MEd, is a postpartum doula and Montessori Parent educator serving both Denver, CO & Boston, MA. Zaure is a mother of four children, including a set of twins. Over the last decade, through her own motherhood experiences and as a founder and owner of a daycare center in Boston, MA, Zaure has first hand lived and observed the depth of transformation and vulnerability the postpartum time holds in the lives of newborn mothers. These years of personal experiences have led Zaure to seek out the learning and training opportunities that would help prepare and equip her to become a resource for education and support for mothers and babies.
Through the INNATE Traditions training and certification process, Zaure has developed a deeper and physiology-based framework of understanding the postpartum period, how support and care based on worldwide innate tradition practiced in many countries impact the mental and physical health of mothers and babies for the years to come. As a trained and certified postpartum doula and caregiver, Zaure supports new parents prenatally and after birth via workshops, classes, support groups, and home visits. She is a licensed cosmetologist and her offerings include hands-on body work and body treatments that help newborn mothers heal after childbirth.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States