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Victoria Moreno

Birth-keeper, space-holder, advocate, activist, feminist, defender of personal sovereignty, former nomad, immigrant, eternal student, wife, and mother. I am in service to supporting thriving life and offering individualized care in the realms of womanhood, pregnancy, birth, post-partum, birth trauma processing, pregnancy loss and abortion. I believe that women are the divine portals of birth and death, that we are initiated into our personal power through a series of embodied rites of passage, and that sacred witness and ritualized ceremony are at the core of this transformational work.

Informed by my personal experiences with homebirth, unassisted freebirth, pregnancy loss, sexual trauma, obstetrical abuse, extended breastfeeding and breastfeeding complications, breast implant illness and healing, attachment parenting, post-partum depletion, food allergies/intolerances, ancestral healing and ongoing shadow work, I offer a safe container for multidimensional healing.

I am an Innate Traditions certified post-partum provider, a Usui Reiki Master, a practitioner of Sacred Childbirth with Reiki, a Hatha Yoga teacher, a gardener, a personal chef, an aspiring herbalist, and a lover of all things esoteric. I offer customized ceremonial care packages that honor the body, mind, and spirit.

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