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Valerie Sauers

Valerie is a licensed massage therapist, sound healer, holistic birth & postpartum doula, freelance photographer, founder/owner of Sacred Wild Healing, and co-founder of MAHA Retreats. She is passionate about our intrinsic connection to the natural world, ancestral knowledge, intergenerational sharing, and using food as medicine. She believes that true healing comes from within, and that our body, mind, and spirit are so incredibly powerful.

Throughout college and most of her career, Valerie has spent much of her time facilitating groups, leading trips, mentoring, and teaching numerous crafts; both professionally as well as voluntarily. She sojourns throughout the world immersing herself in other cultures, collecting life experiences, and adopting what inspires and serves her and her community. Her desire for learning is great, and she believes we are never too young nor too old to do so. This expanded knowledge has compelled her to share the collective wisdom with others, while on constant quest to achieve and maintain wholeness. She spends her time traveling, rock climbing, paddling, practicing yoga & acroyoga, dancing, playing music, crafting, and bowhunting.

Buffalo, New York, United States