Torrey Cramer-Elsner - INNATE Postpartum Care - Certified Practitioner

INNATE Postpartum Care
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Mother-centered postpartum care for family wellness

Torrey Cramer-Elsner

Mother, wife, and Creator and Sustainer of Held Mothercare, Torrey comes to this work from her experiences in the world of interfaith spiritual care and her own postpartum journey of descent, grief, initiation, and transformation. Torrey offers physiologically supportive, soul-nourishing one-on-one and circle care for postpartum mothers in times they sense an invitation to tend the fires of their own transformation. She feels grateful to do this work as an Innate Postpartum Care – Certified Practitioner, holding her thread in the tapestry of the collective vision that to honor and resource the mothers has the power to heal our families, communities, and world.


Through Held, Torrey offers spiritual care (deep listening and witnessing, expression sessions, discernment support, ritual and ceremony), nourishing homemade foods, restorative bodycare facilitation, practical support, and resource and community care consultation. She moves through life with intention and depth, yet loves to sing imperfectly-pitched songs and create messy, revealing art with her children and her clients alike.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States