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Mother-centered postpartum care for family wellness

Tish Linstrom

Tish is a Mother and Partner who has been serving mothers, women + families for over 20 years as a holistic psychotherapist, teacher, guide + facilitator. Fusing her training + lived skills, her practice is now as a Wise Woman Care Practitioner, grounded in traditional healing, midwifery + psyche. Her work helps women retrieve what is already in them – the inherent wisdom and fluency that fuels vibrant whole health and full thrive. She is devoted to creating and tending the spaces that have been missing for so many – rekindling postpartum traditions, holistic care throughout mothering + women cycles of Life, family + community wellness, ceremony + rites of passage – reweaving ways that fundamentally feed our vitality, creative force + eternal wild. In Service to Life and the Way ahead

Burlington, Vermont, United States