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Thyana Read

I live in a small hamlet on Dja Dja Wurrung country. I live in community on a beautiful property of 145 acres. I enjoy tending to the land I live on as well all the creatures and beings that live with me here. I spend half of my time as a devoted mother and wife and the other half passionately tending and resourcing the women of my local community. I am deeply committed to my full embodiment as a woman, mother, and lover, and to being radically and erotically alive.
I hold space for women to awaken to their pleasure and sensuality; to embrace their journey of motherhood and woman-ness with curiosity and playfulness while releasing the stories that continue to keep them small, burnt-out, and struggling. I help women reclaim their voice and guide them in creating the environment for love and connection to flourish in relationship. I aid women in meeting their edges; in discovering the power they hold in
knowing their own value and desires. I create spaces and experiences for women to heal themselves by supporting them to reconnect to their womb and their vulva, and to ultimately remember their intuition and their body’s innate wisdom. I do all this through my work as a Traditional Birthkeeper, a Sacral Somatics Therapist, an Innate Traditions Postpartum Care Practitioner, and a Devotional Love Relationship Coach.
I believe it is in the way we honor women and mothers that holds the key to the world we long to live in. A woman in her power and living her life authentically becomes a light for all women in her community, and when all the women in the community are embodying their fullest expression with authenticity, our men follow, and then our children are held in a beautiful triad that gives way to a thriving community that is beautifully supported by our elders.

Guildford, Victoria, Australia

+61 408 251 320