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Mother-centered postpartum care for family wellness

Stephanie Yawa de Wolfe

I was raised in West Africa and come from a Togolese Akposso lineage, where collective care systems and plant-based healing practices are part of the social fabric. I came to postpartum care from intensive study of social determinants of health, racial health disparities, and structural violence—examining how culture and society affect health outcomes and our culture of health, including the beliefs and narratives that are perpetuated by mainstream medical culture. For a decade my work addressed social equity at the community level through grassroots programming, strategy, and organizing with communities— centering indigenous wisdom, trust, relationship and intuition in my practices with African and African diaspora organizations. Healing from my own physical and cultural traumas pushed me to embody my belief that a culture of health and healing starts from within the individual. As a post-partum care provider, I am committed to shifting birth culture. Empowering mothers to unlock their own sovereignty, reclaim trust in their bodies and intuition, and build their capacities not just to heal but to thrive is essential to my practice; I also emphasize inclusion of the mother’s community, including her partner, family, and friends, in the knowledge that each of us has something to contribute to postpartum care. Herbal medicine and food as medicine supplement the support I offer, with an emphasis on the African heritage diet, anti-inflammatory foods, and nervous system support. I studied Community Health Sciences with a focus on community nutrition programs at Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine and my undergraduate degree was in Political and Social Thought and African American and African Studies with a minor in Public Health from the University of Virginia.

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States