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Stephanie Seliga-Soulseed

My name is Stephanie Seliga-Soulseed. My family’s ancestry is indigenous to Eastern and Western Europe and to the United States. I come to postpartum care as a mother, waldorf-inspired outdoor preschool teacher and food activist. Foundational to my work is a belief that all people deserve healthy, culturally appropriate nourishment for their bodies, minds, spirits and emotions. This goes beyond what we eat to include the whole gamut of how we nourish ourselves as human beings. The fortitude of the family lays the foundation of the future. My post-partum care grows out of my commitment to support families from pre-conception through early childhood to thrive. I work with families in the Columbia River Gorge, to educate and empower the creation and implementation of holistic support system in the postpartum period, throughout early childhood and beyond. I live with my husband, three children and friends in Trout Lake, WA.

White Salmon, Washington, United States