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Soraya DosSantos

Lucia ‘Soraya’ DosSantos is a compassionate, loving, and strive-to-be selfless person – that relies on her spiritual beliefs as a Christian Woman to guide her through life. Through her re-birth as a mother over two years ago, she was called on a unique mission to support mothers through their sacred birthing experiences. Soraya is the founder of the Maternal Nurturing Collective, providing spiritually-centered care and nurturance to mothers as they participate in the revival of their God-given power and purpose through childbirth. Soraya currently practices as a trained mental health counselor specializing in maternal well-being and health in New Bedford, MA. She is an active community member collaborating with many individuals and organizations in Boston and her local community to provide mother-centered support and care. Soraya believes that if the mother is thriving, then so is the family, community, and society. Soraya currently lives in Southcoast with her family, although she calls Cabo Verde home

New Bedford, Massachusetts, United States