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Sophia Scheller

My name is Sophie Scheller and I live and practice doula work in the Seattle area. I enjoy being in nature and connecting with people. As a doula I help to create time and space for women to listen to their natural bodies. I’ve seen the inner spirit of a woman take over during birth. If we honor that inner spirit we as care givers can come closer to a perfect balance of care and love towards the ones we care for. I offer help to women who want to align themselves more with that inner harmony of balanced care. I believe that one path to this harmony is the quality of care towards oneself. Caring for oneself as a postpartum mother means creating a structure of support around you in the postpartum period (6 weeks after birth) along with proper rest and nutrition. Support makes our bodies feel safe, when we feel safe we can have a properly functioning, non-stressed system. When safe space is created listening to our inner voice becomes easier. Our heart and inner voice can lead the way to rhythmic and balanced living with ourselves and our loves ones. I believe that this balanced living leads to a happy Mom and a happy Mom leads to a happy baby, that’s why my practice is called Happy Baby Doula Services

Seattle, Washington, United States