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Mother-centered postpartum care for family wellness

Shelley McLure

Postpartum doula, real food enthusiast and educator, home herbalist dedicated to the revitalisation of postpartum care culture. Largely inspired by my own growth and challenges of crossing the threshold into Motherhood. By practicing the ancient art of postpartum care culture, in a modern context, I believe we can nurture and nourish women, children and families to have a fulfilling and supported transition into motherhood. By caring for the mother we inherently care for the babies and children, creating a ripple effect into our wider communities. The core ethos of being an INNATE postpartum care provider is that maternal health is foundational to healthy communities and this is at the heart of my work and service. I offer nourishing meals, teas, massage, herbal support, breastfeeding guidance, referrals to other specialised practitioners and importantly, a safe space of emotional support to allow families to find their own unique innate wisdom amongst the glorious messy chaos.

Manning Valley, New South Wales, Australia