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Shatia Owsley

Located in Alexandria, Virginia (serving the DMV area), Shatia (Tee) Owsley is a dope boy mom, doula, postpartum care provider, pre and perinatal psychology educator, trauma-informed yoga instructor and energy practitioner, specializing in teen parents and maternal wellness support for women over 35 years old, specifically who have experienced pregnancy loss. Through her work, Shatia incorporates her personal experience, education, and years of training to infuse multiple holistic modalities to create engaging offerings to educate, heal, and support families on their path of rebirth, after pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. Shatia continues to further her education and is in the process of becoming a certified breastfeeding specialist as well as a postnatal fitness specialist.

Alexandria, Virginia, United States

(240) 338-9929