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Shanika Malcolm

I’m a soul-centric woman, following the calling I hear deep within my heart. My journey began many moons ago when I started hearing the voice within and following my intuition. Becoming a mother at a young age & experiencing the death of my first child woke me up. Feeling restless and seeking purpose and wisdom set me on a path of discovery, learning and healing. In my 20’s, I’ve had 3 home births, the first two being unassisted births. After my first home birth, I became a Doula while nursing dreams of becoming a Midwife. Since then I’ve balanced being a mother while traveling and learning. I’ve attended many classes and trainings to enrich my life and to gain tools to assist those I work with. Some of these include: Reflexology Study & Certification; Integrative Nutrition Certification; Permaculture Design Certificate; Holistic Pelvic Care Certification w/ Tami Lynn Kent; Reiki Master & Teacher; Integrated Energy Therapy (I.E.T.) Master/Teacher; Kundalini Yoga Teacher; Vinyasa Yoga Teacher; INNATE Postpartum Care – Certified Provider; Soul Contract Reader. I’m currently a Student Midwife and also study Ecology, Ecovillage Living & Community Building

, Tennessee, United States