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Mother-centered postpartum care for family wellness

Shadae Bowen

I am a mama, songstress, and explorer of the healing arts. My offering in this lifetime is my deep remembrance of what it is to be feminine. Through my own transformational dance of motherhood, I am inspired to provide spiritual, emotional, practical, and heart centered support to women during conception, the childbearing continuum, postpartum, and beyond. As a certified holistic doula, vaginal steam practitioner, yoga/meditation guide, and plant based cuisine artist, I channel my various skills and life experiences into my healing work with women. The INNATE postpartum services I offer include comprehensive postpartum education and counseling, Moxibustion, vaginal steams, herbal baths, Rebozo closing, and warming, nutritious plant based postpartum meals. My intention for every woman I serve is for her to feel informed of the importance of postnatal community care, affirmed in trusting her own powerful intuition, and deeply supported in honoring her unique physiological needs as a growing mother.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States