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Sara Tonini

I am a full spectrum doula, a functional hormone specialist, a certified Fertility Awareness educator and reproductive health educator, an Ayurveda health counselor,  a women circle facilitator, a yoga teacher, a trauma-informed intimacy and relationship coach, a pre- and perinatal educator in training, and a mother.
I work with women through the reproductive continuum, from menarche and the menstrual cycle, fertility, conception, pregnancy through the post-partum period. I love to support women in preparing for conception and pregnancy, thriving in the postpartum and healing from a difficult birth. My offerings intend to create a space for life-changing and life-giving transformation and are an invitation in the timeless remembrance of who we are as women and mothers.
I work in Italian, Engish, Spanish and French and am willing to move nationally – in Italy – as well as internationally – within Europe – for workshops

Trento, Trentino, Italy

+39 329 8254990