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Reem Habash

Hi sister. My name is Reem and I am wholistic birth keeper, utilizing Osteopathic concepts and manual practice to walk with women through the childbearing continuum. I serve women who desire to take radical responsibility of their life and their health because the future generations rely on it.

My health consultations and manual therapy treatments take into account the entirety of the individual, including mental social and spiritual factors. Rather than symptom management, we must reorient ourselves to seek health within the body. I help you locate the root of dis-ease and utilize flower essences to assist in balancing the subconscious emotions. My approach focuses on addressing both the physical impression as well as the neuropsychological. Your body has an innate ability to heal itself permitted the proper circumstances, and you have all within you to do so.

I offer online consultations as well as in-person work including osteopathic treatment (obstetric and pediatric), registered massage therapy, reiki, flower essences, trauma coaching, nutrition guidance, and postpartum support. Osteopathic treatment plans are personalized and created based on assessment, incorporating cranio-sacral work, pelvic floor, and myofascial release.

Playa Del Carmen, , Mexico

+1 937 232 4626