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Prairie Wolfe

Hi, I’m Prairie. I’m a mother, a lover, a dancer, a farmer, a botanist. I work as a Sexological Bodyworker, an intimacy coach, and as a certified INNATE postpartum care provider. I am an inspired and passionate student of the body and find deep satisfaction in helping other people discover what’s inside of them. My work is informed by the social nervous system – knowing that humans evolved as group animals and that our physical and emotional health require authentic and trustworthy connection in order to truly blossom. Like so many of us, my journey began with the birth of my first baby. I was blown open and under resourced; it took me years to be able to look on the experience with some perspective. It was the spark that helped me discover my fiery passion for mothering mothers. Providing truly resourced and physiological care for new mamas can reshape our culture and our future. I provide care through nourishment, mindful presence, bodywork, and holistic pelvic care.

Missoula, Montana, United States