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Peach Whitney O’Brien

Peach O’Brien is many things. Blending her Ayurveda training into her practice as a massage therapist, polarity therapist, and a full spectrum doula, she offers a unique client-based experience. As a person who believes deeply in quality care, Peach offers her clients flexibility, compassion, and understanding for their ever-changing needs throughout motherhood and life. Peach’s vision for her clients is simple, practical, and adaptable. Through her Full Circle Natal Care program, she provides prenatal massages to create a relationship with you and your body so that you may better understand the patterns your body holds.
Attending your birth as your birth doula. Throughout the first 6 weeks of postpartum, she will provide warm oil massages, belly binding, nutritional guidance, light house work, and child care for your older children. She can also consult with you about infant physiology, breastfeeding physiology, and family constellations. She will happily teach you self-massage, infant massage, and moxa therapy as well. Each postpartum visit will be tailored to your unique postpartum needs. With the intention of bringing the family closer together through her supportive practice, Peach believes that a healthy mother means a healthy family.
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Sante Fe, New Mexico, United States