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Osnat Kim Spiegler

I am a trained birth Doula and Innate Traditions Postpartum Care. I focus on creating mothering environments and facilitating pre- and post-natal women circles. I am also a trained Naam yoga instructor and practitioner of the Harmonyum healing modality.

I was born in Israel but had spent the last two decades in the US attending conferences, retreats, and group training programs as an instructor, coordinator, and producer. I became acutely aware of the influence of the surrounding environment on our mental, emotional and physical states. After spending hours leading connection circles for women of all ages and backgrounds, and especially after the birth of my first son, it became painfully clear to me that I need to support women in creating healing environments that transcend all the modalities because it is there, in the womb that we create for ourselves, that we can mother, heal, and grow.

I have a B.A. in Film and Media studies from Hunter College, NY. I currently live in Tel Aviv with my loving husband and son.

Tel Aviv, , Israel