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Nicole Rivera

My passion for cooking and caring for mothers was born after studying traditional postpartum care with Innate Traditions, Center for the Sacred Window, and The NAFSA Project School.

In 10 years of serving families as a doula, I witnessed over 100 births and supported over 50 postpartum families. In recent years, I have cooked for more than 100 mothers, created more than 50 recipes, and delivered over 1,000 meals.

With my support, mothers have accomplished the following:

    • Recovering energy levels after childbirth
    • Reducing inflammation in the body after a C-section birth
    • Increasing the production and flow of human milk
    • Increasing hemoglobin levels in the blood
    • Reducing excessive weight gain or loss
    • Controlling blood sugar levels and blood pressure
    • Increasing immune system defenses
    • Maximizing sleep and rest time

In addition, I teach preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum nutrition for The Bee Mom Project’s Birth Coach Program. Lastly, I attended a master’s degree program in Counseling Psychology and completed my certification as a Childhood Developmental Specialist.

My mission is to support your well-being using traditional postpartum care while planting the seed for community-based care one family at a time.

Aguadilla, , Puerto Rico