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Mother-centered postpartum care for family wellness

Nati Zuniga

Hola! I’m Nati. 

I support womxn in their journeys into motherhood from pregnancy, birth to postpartum. 


I believe in the power and wisdom of our female bodies. In our intuition, our capacity to reach our source of innate knowing and creativity.  And the importance of our connection to Great Mother.


I work through a mix of different elements including providing scientific information; tools to access your innate knowing and power including physical exercises, birth art work, breathing techniques, ritual and prayer; and I provide physical and emotional support during childbirth and postpartum. 



I’m the founder of Madre Aluna and I’m part of “Doulas en Espanol” collective. I’m also currently supporting the launch of the Escuela de Parteria Tradicional at Ruruchay Casa de Nacimientos in Peru.


Besides working with women, I also facilitate an innovation course for changemakers in the health field and I’m the owner of Starry Night Geo Dome, a space to connect with ourselves and nature. 

 Nati apoya a mujeres en su camino hacia la maternidad desde el embarazo, parto y postparto. Nati cree en la inmensa sabiduría que poseen nuestros cuerpos. Ella te ofrece herramientas para la conexión con tu sabiduría innata, información empírica para que tomes las mejores decisiones de acuerdo con cómo deseas que sea tu experiencia de parto y te provee con apoyo físico y emocional durante el embarazo y parto y posparto. 

Hudson Valley, New York, United States