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Nathalie Suez-Panama

“I am a mother, birth keeper, postpartum care practitioner, a womens´ health advocate, holistic health passionate.

In my birth work, I advocate for home and physiological birth and for birth/matrescence as an initiation and sacred ceremony. During the postpartum time, I support mothers and families with a focus on nurture, nourishment, healing and the slowing down of the motherhood season.

I am all in for womb wisdom and cyclical living reclamation with sacred womanhood and motherhood at the center.

I love and admire women and mothers and I am deeply  fascinated by our nature, our power and the deep wisdom that lives in our body and heart.

Rituals, rites of passage, and ceremonies devotee, I hold moon ceremonies, women’s circles, solstices and equinoxes celebrations as well as menarche and matrescence rituals.

I am a fervent and dedicated worshiper of all life.”

Copenhagen, , Denmark

+45 40 26 05 48