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Natasha McNabb

Natasha is a Mother, Energy Holder, Energetic Home Clearer, Closing of the Bones Ceremony Leader, Radical Birthkeeper, and an INNATE postpartum practitioner. Her specialty is in helping Mothers feel deeply seen, nourished and safely supported in their wild pregnancy, birth and postpartum journeys and will often incorporate spiritual medicine (sage, palo santo, crystals, bone broth) into her service offerings and healing work. ‘A Family Way of Life’ is Natasha’s living work and she is passionate about re-orienting and returning modern Mothers and families back to a grounded and rooted ‘Family Way of Life’ based on INNATE Physiological human design so that Mothers, children, and families may cultivate and experience a natural flow of grace and ease in family life to thrive not just survive. 

Oro-Medonte, Ontario, Canada