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Molly Ryan Quinlan

I have over 20 years experience of working in the healthcare industry as a nurse in Ireland. Practicing as a general nurse for many years and then transitioned to mental health nursing. I am passionate about mental health and wellbeing and empowering people to take ownership of their own health and healing.

 On becoming a mother to three beautiful children, I experienced my own rollercoaster transition to motherhood. Consequently specialising in perinatal mental health on return to the workplace. I have been transitioning into life coaching, mindfulness techniques and pre and postpartum care providing.

My passion for working with women has stemed from my own lived experience and the gap of support and care that is needed in our current society. 

I will be offering pre and post partum support, offering to listen to your birth story, your abortion story, your miscarriage story, your stillbirth story. From your recent story to many previous years stories.

I will be facilitating  education series which have been provided by Rachelle Selga Garcia. I offer treatments such as castor oil treatment, vaginal steaming, abhyanga massage , breast massage techniques.

I will be providing face to face sessions,whatsapp video calls, zoom calls, pre and post partum care packages

Nenagh, County Tipperary, Ireland

087 2828034