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Michelle Nicolaou-Newman

Michelle Nicolaou-Newman is the Mother of 3 children, 25, 17 and 15 years of age. Her and her husband have co-created the Central Coast Montessori School Community for 0-3 years and 3-6 years in New South Wales Australia now established for over 14 years. She loves creating, nature, animals, gardening, beekeeping, sharing her knowledge with her community and in turn learning from these sources of wisdom. Michelle is an observer of life and human behaviour and has a particular interest in Maternal Wellbeing and Newborn development. She has trained in Birth and Postpartum support, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Steamy Chic Yoni Steaming and INNATE Traditions Postpartum Care and is currently completing her AMI 0-3 Montessori Diploma.

25 years of Mothering life experiences, parental contact within her school community for 14 years along with her Birth and Postpartum work in the greater community, has revealed to her the issues that many women/parents are facing often trace back to Pregnancy, Birth and early Postpartum experiences that have been inadequately tended to, causing significant compromise to their quality of life, the effects of which, are a fractured Mothering, Parenting and Family life. It is her specific interest to bring awareness to ways these fractures can be repaired.

Wamberal, New South Wales, Australia

0425 300 992