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Mother-centered postpartum care for family wellness

Malkah Geller

Malkah has more than 20 years of experience as an infant and childcare provider in many different capacities, she has a multitude of hands-on practice in hundreds of homes giving loving support and care to families.  This experience has trained her to track the needs of her environment in a detailed manner and allows her to tend to multiple tasks at once as she is a dynamic, creative and attentive worker. Her empathetic, gentle and patient nature brings a sweet calming presence to the space she occupies allowing her clients to feel at-ease. All her work is guided by the principle that we are each unique, highly intelligent, and spiritual beings and have our own path towards healing and wholeness; it is her privilege to support you on your individualized journey to an improved life. She has a passion for alternative and natural healing modalities fueled by her own journey and experiences, this includes herbalism and Bach Flower Remedies which she is trained in, she is driven to ease the world of its suffering one family at a time by empowering mothers to take their place in the center and healing the connection between family members. Malkah is available for at-home hands-on support or virtual meetings.

Aurora, Colorado, United States