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Luka Johnson

Luka is a UCSD Certified Lactation Educator, Certified INNATE Postpartum Care Provider, and an educator at OC Doula, hosting breastfeeding classes and Innate Postpartum teachings once a month. She organized’Nursing the Future’ in 2005, the first Meetup group in OC for breastfeeding moms, and worked in the baby wearing industry for 8 years, encouraging bonding relationships. Luka’s passion for natural childbirth and breastfeeding started with the births of her own two babies. She has felt called to pursue a career in empowering and supporting women to flourish in their intuitive Knowing as women and as new moms. Luka is aware that birth, and the postpartum period, is not always ideal in our culture and women and families are rarely supported in the process. She cares deeply about preventing birth trauma for women and babies, and holding space for them them. Guided to do her part as a healer and educator, Luka ensures that the neglected areas of care are provided including the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual. Luka offers traditional belly binding from bengkung, fajas and rebozo closing ceremonies as well as moxibustion and yoni steaming. To further her own offerings, she is currently dually enrolled in BCTA/NA to become a Certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and The Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH) to become a Certified Educator. Luka believes that the importance of this work is not only for the woman who gives birth to the baby, the family who receives the baby, but it’s for the wellbeing of the greater community, of which we are all part. It’s been said that if we get birth right, we have half a chance of getting society right.

Orange County, California, United States