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Leah Rose Hagen

I have been drawn to babies all my life, doing my best to connect and make them smile- even during my childhood. In 2010-2011, I was living with a family through their last three months of pregnancy and first three months postpartum, and was guided in a ‘right place, right time’ moment to take a postpartum doula training. It confirmed that a major part of my Work on this earth is supporting the coming generations by taking good care of their Mommas. It is an absolute necessity, not a luxury to have postpartum support. In my work supporting families postpartum, I saw how essential good food was! This led me to start the business Nourish: in-home chefs, homemade food delivery and catering. Originally intended for childbearing families, Nourish now serves all people and all food preferences. As an INNATE Postpartum Care Provider I am able to take postpartum care to the next level. I offer warming body therapies like sitz baths, yoni steams, moxibustion, castor oil packs, and abyanga warm oil treatments; to allow Mommas to be fully nurtured. This is the confirming, real, grounded, centering, strengthening and empowering holistic care needed to reinvigorate women and their families!

Bloomington, Indiana, United States