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Lara Lasky

Lara is a mother and sister, a certified holistic birth and postpartum doula, a certified reproductive practitioner and innate postpartum care provider.  After a long career in public health and science, Lara was drawn to intimately supporting growing families and to fill a void of support and understanding during these rites of passage.  She incorporates years of experience with holistic therapies and herbs in her work with supporting fertility, birth and postpartum journeys.  She offers reiki, reflexology, belly binding, cycle connecting, herbal support through teas, baths and yoni steams and ceremonial space holding. It is Lara’s deepest honor to walk alongside families in her community with a team of women with unique skills and talents to provide full support so they can experience growth, bliss and deepen a relationship with their intuition.  When she is not diving deep with families, she is in her garden, drinking nourishing herbal infusions, doing yoga and finding stillness and gratitude.  

St. Charles, Illinois, United States