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Kristianna Simmons

I am mother to two beautiful little boys. I am also a hairstylist here in Denver, Colorado. I have always had a deep and profound interest and connection to the healing arts, foods, and natural living. I love learning in this area. I am also a Reiki master practitioner, and I love to incorporate reiki energy work on my hair clients, and discovering ways to bring my varying healing interests into my hair career. I became a mother 8 years ago, and it radically changed my life. I went through another shift after my second baby as well. It was an intense and rocky experience for me, as I lacked the help and support desperately needed during these times. After my second, I thought I could be superwoman and handle it all since I felt there were no other options. I became hyper aware that this was not normal, and found a deep sense of purpose and necessity to bring about more opportunities for women to seek care and support in the early postpartum journey. I noticed it was far easier to find support during a person’s pregnancy and birth journey, but I was surprised when I arrived on the other side that the support trailed off from there and wasn’t as easy to find or known. This really left an imprint on me, and now I want to work to be apart of changing this, and to shift our way of thinking and dealing with the postpartum time. I realize that there are varying needs with every mother, but it truly can be life changing just to have someone bring you a meal, or let you sleep, or give you a warm oil massage. Just having someone who can provide you some much needed care for you, while you are healing and taking care of your brand new baby can make all the difference in your experience.

As an Innate Postpartum Care-Certified Provider, I will offer you a warm cooked meal and some healing herbal teas, along with moxibustion, reiki, homemade herbal infused oils for massage on yourself and baby. I also make herbal blends for yoni steams and sitz-baths. I am always finding more ways to grow and I am
working on my certification to also become a Vaginal Steam Practitioner and I will also be starting Cranialsacral classes at the end of this month. I look forward to working with you!

Wheat Ridge, Colorado, United States