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Kate Parchett

I am a Private Practicing Midwife supporting women to homebirth, along with antenatal and postnatal support with Medicare rebates.  During my training to be a midwife & to this day I hear the term that as maternity professionals we work alongside the “WELL WOMAN”. I have been in the maternity/womanhood field for over ten years now and I can tell you, we are not ‘well women’! Yes, in the sense of childbirth – it is not a medical condition it is a normal natural beautiful ability of our bodies to grow, birth & nurture our babies, but the ‘whole woman’ is not well. We are not well emotionally, physically, or spiritually. We are not surrounded by elders, community & connection. We are isolated, overwhelmed & exhausted!

Our body systems are functioning on cortisol. We are in a constant state of fight or flight, not rest & digest. This stress response causes dissociation & depression (sound familiar?). We as a society & culture are setting women up, to be depleted during postpartum, motherhood, and nothing left for menopause.

It is MY MISSION to change this! How? I am going to provide the space for women to unite and rebuild this life of pregnancy, birth, postpartum & motherhood. We will take small steps together to make BIG changes to the future of women and mothers. We will be renegades and will dispute what society and our culture tell us. It is my mission to share my teachings, my learned lessons, and what history has taught us, but we have forgotten. We will come together as women & mothers in a circle (virtually, spiritually & physically) and this is where the magic will happen! Let’s start the revolution!

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

0492 889 214