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Joan Stock

Joan has worked with children from infants to children in grade 3 for the past forty years. She is the mother of four and grandmother to an ever expanding group of young people. She has been a teacher, consultant, observer and trainer in the field of early childhood. She became interested in doula work after her son asked her to help following the birth of their son, and her daughter asked her to attend the birth of her daughter. After that she was hooked on wanting to become more supportive during pregnancy, labour, delivery and postpartum recovery and so started her journey of training in labour and breastfeeding, and cold and hot jade stone massage. With her past experience as a mother and educator in psychology and learning disabilities she has been fascinated with brain development and its importance in child development. Joan feels that every birth is unique. Each woman requires individual support and the doula’s job is to determine how best to address the needs and fears of the laboring woman and, if present, her partner, in a sensitive and caring way. There are many variables in birth and many choices to be made; Joan believes parents need information to make informed decisions. Her background in early childhood as well as her individual path through parenthood has blessed her with a sense of confidence in the unknown, a dose of reality and an appreciating sense of humor. When not working with young children she can be found in her garden, sewing or creating alcohol ink paintings.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada