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Jill Bevington

I am mother of two, home herbalist and doula.  My own journey in pregnancy, birth and postpartum has deepened my commitment to doing my inner work and developing the self-nurturing needed for me to heal and feel whole.  I am committed to witnessing and resourcing women and families in their journeys through the continuum of life.  As an Innate Postpartum Care provider, I offer postpartum planning, nutritional information, and emotional processing as well as hands on support with moxabustion, Reiki, warm oil massage, work with the rebozo including Closing the Bones ceremony, herbal support, yoni steams, sitz baths, castor oil packs, herbal baths, and cooked meals.  I enjoy working in the realms of inquiry work (The Work of Byron Katie) and homeopathy as well.  I am currently studying Birthkeeping with the Matrona Foundation and Vaginal Steam facilitation with Keli Garza.  If you are interested, please contact me.  I look forward to walking these paths together.  

Beallsville, Ohio, United States