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Jenny Smith

I’m Jenny, I am a teacher of kundalini yoga, perinatal yoga, and a certified Innate Traditions Postpartum Care Doula. I work with movement, cacao, food, nature, herbs, singing and community as medicine

Having had my own experience in the UK as a new mum, and working with so many women in the perinatal stage of life, I come face to face daily with the stark reality that we do not know as a collective, how to care for women during this time of their lives. I trained with Rachelle Garcia Seliga in Innate Tradition’s Postpartum Care, and I work as a postpartum Doula, so that I can offer the care to women that I felt was lacking after I gave birth. I help women feel held, seen, supported and nurtured after they give birth so that they can bond with their baby with a felt sense of safety, and so that they can feel witnessed in their transition into motherhood.

I am located in Scotland, UK, and work in Edinburgh, the Lothians and beyond.

Edinburgh, , Scotland