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Jada Grant

Mothering the mother! I am a caring compassionate mother ready to serve and care for you in the highest regard as the true divine goddess. I am a full-spectrum doula, and offer dedicated emotional, physical and spiritual support. Owner of Mother Deer Doula Care and Spirit Healing, traditional herbs and plant medicine. I am also an artist, herbalist, gardener, and currently practicing traditional medicine; specializing in limpias (energetic cleansing with plants feathers or smoke) Sobadas (message) vendosas (fire cupping) and Manteadas (Shawl alignment). I am a Mother of two beautiful live free births, a miscarriage, and a stillborn. I myself received exquisite care postpartum for my last birth and feel a duty to give back and pay it forward. Tending to mothers, to be able to experience this traditional postpartum care. I offer Innate Traditions Postpartum healing visits which include; spitz baths, yoni steams, castor oil packs, herbal baths, moxibustion, guided meditation, restorative yoga, nurturing meals, house stability, child care, and the closing of the bones ceremony. I truly believe postpartum mothers deserve full support before, during and especially after birth. I am honored to provide essential care to support life, death and love, for all mothers and families.

Taos, New Mexico, United States