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Ilka Braunstein

Hello, I’m Ilka, I practice Holistic Women’s Health & Relationship Coaching in Sacramento, California. I’m specialized to support new parents in the postpartum time and beyond. I believe that nurturing a bonding family in this vulnerable time is most important and new parents need sensitive, non-judgmental and heart centered support to adapt smoothly to the new life as a family!

Through my experience as a Doula I learned that the 4th trimester is sacred and has unique challenges that need dedicated and knowledgeable care. As a yoga teacher I know the power of presence and aim to include body awareness practices such meditation and breathing in all my sessions. A wild journey around the world and many detours let me to become a well- rounded and passionate birth worker and educator; I’m a natural nurturer and intuitive healer. As an INNATE Postpartum Care- Certified Provider, I will create a safe space for my clients to rest, heal and grow into motherhood with confidence and strength.

I see myself as an advocate for empowered mothers, balanced intimate relationships and healthy family connections.

Sacramento, California, United States