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Idel Galbete

Peace and blessing!
Welcome, my name is Idel Galbete and I have been dedicated to women’s mind, body, soul healing for the past 7 years. While on my own healing journey I recognized that the ability to create, carry life and give birth was a testament to the miracles and mysterious of the human experience.

I was first a doula supporting women in the hospitals and at home with medical midwives, until the reality of industrial birth and the harm it does to women and babies left me searching for a better way.

Inspired by the story of Mother Mary in the Quran (sacred islamic text) where she gives birth by the river in full faith, sovereignty and power, and by the wise women I have met and learned from along my journey; I have become determined in supporting the collective shift in creating a new paradigm where women reclaim their rights to their body, choices and ultimately the way they birth.

Now a Traditional Birth Worker, I walk with women serving them through pregnancy, birth and postpartum with coaching, holistic childbirth education classes, postpartum healing services, womb meditations and in creating a community of sisterhood where we can truly witness each other in our growth, beauty and transformation.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada