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Mother-centered postpartum care for family wellness

Heidi Bracher

I specialize in reproductive and digestive wellness for women, the LGBTQ+ community and their families. I believe in the body’s ability to heal itself with the appropriate support. My goal is to find what that is for you in a safe space, so that you feel heard, healthy and vital at a root down level. I’m an adventurer in holistic crafts; a wildcrafter and medicinal plant lover. Most of the products made in treatment are handmade by me and all are of the Earth. Touch is an integral piece of community that can awaken the lineage stored within our cellular structure and our daily experiences. Craniosacral and energy work are knitted into each treatment nourishing the healing process. As a Certified ATMAT® practitioner and intuitive bodyworker I primarily, but not exclusively, focus on the childbearing years; fertility, conception, pregnancy, menopause, and digestive well-being and spiritual health. For postnatal healing and care I offer ATMAT sessions, warming therapies (pelvic bowl steams & moxabustion), rebozo closing ceremony, Maya healing baths, and meal preparation to name some.

Seattle, Washington, United States