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Gemma Owusu

I am a mother, connector, listener, space holder, translator, and channel. I am originally from England but have lived and traveled all around the world and now find myself in Spain again.

I have studied in many different areas and I am an Innate Post Postpartum Practitioner, Certified Life Coach, Compassionate Inquiry practitioner (Dr. Gabor Mate Trauma), and Music Therapy practitioner. The energy work I do is named Super Sensory Sessions and has not been learned. It is a gift that I opened up to, once I eventually realised it was to be shared. It is a gift passed down to me from my paternal grandmother who would heal people with her hands in her home village in Ghana.

I incorporate the Mind, Body, and Spirit when I work with women and families, and I am focused on recentering mothers in today’s society. I aim to provide emotional, physical, spiritual, mental, and energetic nourishment in your postpartum moments.

I have been living the corporate life, the nomadic life, the city life, the jungle life, the village life, the party life, the mamma life, the hectic life, and the slow life.. so all of you are welcome here. 

Mallorca, , Spain

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