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Mother-centered postpartum care for family wellness

Elise Thomson

I am a midwife, bodyworker and tender of the heart, the womb and the land.

My work centers on honoring cyclical living, supporting innate wisdom and being in right relationship with ourselves, one another and the earth. My practices focus on partnering with women to provide holistic care for physical, emotional, relational and spiritual needs, especially through times of transition such as pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I weave my wisdom and skills from midwifery, bodywork, transformational practices and rituals through all of my offerings. My vision is to create nurturing and supportive spaces in which we all flourish and where we find healing. Spaces where we weave magic and ceremony together, cultivating vitality and beauty as an offering to the earth and life.

My in-person postpartum services include emotional support and birth integration, vaginal steaming, uterine massage and herbal sitz baths, oil massage, caster oil packs and moxibustion, postpartum, breastfeeding and newborn support and education, baby’s introduction to the elements and directions, and closing of the bones ceremony.

Northampton, Massachusetts, United States