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Devon Aber

Devon brings her years of lived experience blending different modalities, from holistic nutrition, working with dreams, and adhering to the seasonal cycles of the year, to somatic healing, Chinese meridian theory, herbalism and facia remediation. Her love is creating a place of nourishment in times of great change. She has woven transformative somatic healing with the support of organic food and nutrition over the past 15+ years. Completing a degree in Transpersonal Psychology (a sub-field of psychology that integrates the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience) in 2015, Devon began to incorporate deep multidimensional healing and psychological perspectives into hands-on sensory, life and lineage experiences with the body. As a certified Innate Practioner, Devon is creating safety for mothers and new families to explore the changes and joys they have entered into with birth. She provides mentoring for expecting mothers and their partners by teaching Innate’s Planning for the Fourth Trimester course, and is available for individual holistic meal planning and mentorship for the fourth trimester, postpartum time. With beauty and love from those who are close to us, as well as being thoughtfully resourced by our community members, we begin to thrive.

Santa Barbara, California, United States