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Corrin Moses

I am a Wombn of YHWH, seeker of wisdom and innerstanding from The Most High. I have spent my twenties reconnecting to my Ancestral Knowings. I have learned more about earth medicines, returned to prayer, invited healing into life and participated in ceremony. My pregnancy brought clarity of my life’s purpose: to support the nourishing of wombn and to honor God’s children. I believe in the sanctity of the womb, and I know that woman’s health is world health. My prayer is to support a womb’s ceremony, her wellness and her little ones, to the best of my abilities. My prayer is to bring remembering into life and encourage our highest expression. My prayer is to break down what has been normalized against a wombn’s healing and restore what is sacred. I carry the Womb Rites, I am a certified yoga teacher in Hatha & prenatal, I am a Mother, a sister and a friend. Currently residing in Silver City, New Mexico I am willing to travel and take online clients. All Praise To The Most High.

Silver City, New Mexico, United States