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Catherine Pierce

Catherine is a radical birthkeeper, educator, and nurturer. She believes in the power of your body, both in its innate ability to birth and to heal. She trusts your intuition, and the divine physiology of your body, the same way she trust the efficacy of traditional postpartum care practices. She cares for people throughout their reproductive spectrum, spanning menarche to menopause, including pregnancy, birth, postpartum, miscarriage, still birth, and abortion. As a certified INNATE Postpartum Care Provider she is honored to share the wisdom gleaned from Rachelle Garcia Seliga, joyfully providing the utmost care to those who are newly postpartum. Some of her offerings include warm oil massage (abyhanga), home cooked postpartum nutrition, herbal baths and steams, closing of the bones ceremony, guided meditation, classes on how to prepare for postpartum, and more. Please connect with her via her website.

Los Angeles, California, United States