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Caren Minery

Caren Minery is a Professional Birth Doula, whose passion and work in supporting women during pregnancy and birth has transitioned into offering Holistic Postpartum support for women. As a Certified Innate Traditions Postpartum Care Provider, she has deep reverence and respect for New Mothers and is dedicated to serving up nutrient dense and delightful meals, broths and elixirs specifically made for replenishing. Caren believes cooking and nourishing through food is an act of love and this is one of the ways in which she honors this sacred time. Caren is a Vaginal Steam Facilitator, certified through The Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute, working with each woman individually. She also handcrafts Yoni Steam Saunas that are available for clients nationally. With an open heart and listening ear, Caren serves the Central, Southern, and Seacoast areas of New Hampshire. She resides in the home that her and her husband built together, raising and homeschooling their 4 children, while tending to their mini homestead. She is an Herbal Enthusiast and is always learning from the plant allies on the land.

Loudon, New Hampshire, United States