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Caitlin O’Neil

Caitlin is a Lactation Consultant and Holistic Postpartum Provider serving the region of West Sonoma County and Santa Rosa, CA. She has a background in Nursing since 2008 in Women’s Perinatal Health and Maternal-Child Health. She has been also practicing as a Lactation Consultant since 2017, and currently runs a private home visit practice to support mothers through the big physical and emotional changes that occur around pregnancy and childbirth. Caitlin is a mother of two young boys and knows how challenging it can be to make time for self-care. Beyond breastfeeding support, Caitlin is dedicated to providing compassionate, empowering guidance to women and families from “womb to weaning” as well as holistic nutritional counseling, hands-on healing techniques, and group workshops.

Sebastopol, California, United States