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Mother-centered postpartum care for family wellness

Brittany Zeer

Brittany found her way to INNATE Postpartum Care after nearly a decade of teaching prenatal and other forms of yoga. She was initially called to become a birth doula, but through her studies she discovered a massive gap in tending to mothers through Postpartum Care.


Prior to beginning the INNATE training, Brittany lived with daily chronic migraines and chronic pain for 7.5 years. Through integrating all she has learned in the training, she is now chronic pain free. Brittany began to see that the 5 Essentials of Postpartum Care (rest, warmth, body care, nourishment, and community support) are really the essentials for healing in general, which fuels her passion for offering compassionate, nurturing care to women and mothers.


Brittany offers in-home Postpartum Care to mothers in the Calgary, AB and surrounding areas – whether you’re 3 days of 30 years Postpartum. Her offerings include:


– The Nourishment Care Package (in-home cooking and local nourishment delivery)

– The Rest, Warmth & Body Care Package (includes yoga, castor oil packs, herbal baths, and more)

– The Community Care Package (birth story telling, integration meditation, and Closing of the Bones Ceremony)


Brittany also teaches private Prenatal Yoga, and teaches women about the practice of Cycle Awareness to live more in alignment with your Womb, Body & Soul.


Calgary, Alberta, Canada