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Ariadne Verner

I am an INNATE practitioner and mother of two, and care for mothers in the postpartum time. This time starts the moment the baby is born and is a lifelong journey.

Modern culture focuses on pregnancy and birth so intently which can be positive but often misses the most important aspect of motherhood – the postpartum period. This is the making and creating of the mother. This process of becoming a mother is known as Matrescence. It is a time of huge hormonal changes and identity shifts.

Motherhood is the time mothers need to be mothered as they are expending vast tracts of physical emotional and mental energy tending to the needs of their babies and children. Children that will become the future generations that will caretake the older generations. Our future societies wellbeing is dependent on the wellbeing of the mother.

I am here to support and nurture you during this life changing transition. I am also here to support the unseen postpartum mothers of miscarriage and stillbirth which I have lived experience of. I am here for you.

Cotswolds, , United Kingdom

+44 7427 939443