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INNATE Postpartum Care
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Mother-centered postpartum care for family wellness

Andrea Lazarin

Mind-body connection, body-earth connection, interconnection, interdependence, integration, unity. This is the work that interests me. Remembering and honoring the wisdom of the ‘Old Wives’ around the world, freeing intuition, laughing together. This is the medicine.

Informed by nearly 20 years of experience, my multi-modality approach to whole person care includes acupuncture, bodywork, Arvigo® Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy, Qi Gong, cupping, gua sha, nutritional and lifestyle advice, and the guidance from decades of teachers and an ongoing learning journey. That journey now brings me into the realm of supporting healthy families and futures through peri/postpartum care planning and therapies, to keep you thriving in all phases of life.

Oakland, California, United States