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Amy Mabin

My name is Amy  – I’m a writer, teacher and spiritual midwife – I work with women and mothers from pre-conception through pregnancy (and loss), birth (and trauma) to postpartum. My passion lies in teaching and supporting mothers to create their own sense of safety, in their bodies and lives so that they FEEL GOOD and are fulfilled as mothers and creators. My work is to lead by example, everything I teach is what I’ve experienced first hand and what I live and practice. My work is to witness in love, to empower each mother’s intuitive guidance as their primary voice of truth, and to honour the profound transformation that conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum all have to offer in their undeniable divinity. Although I am currently based in Cape Town, my home town, I spent much of my self-reclamation and healing journey years (10+) in London, so my network in the UK is strong and I still serve women there and all over, virtually.

Cape Town, , South Africa

+27 608389186