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Amanda Valdez

My name is Amanda Valdez and I am an INNATE Postpartum Care- Certified Provider, a postpartum doula, and the owner of Innate Love Doula Services. My passion is to provide holistic support and education to women during their postpartum period. Women are the caretakers of life and deserve to be honored, warmed, nourished, and cared for after their baby’s arrival.

I feel called to this work because proper care and adequate rest during the postpartum period is vital to women’s lifelong health. We currently have little to no postpartum care in our society unless we create or search for it ourselves. It is not a standard or expectation. Having two children of my own I recognize the lack of attention we give to the postpartum period. The services I provide and the work that I do is dedicated to the revival of traditional and holistic postpartum care.

Seattle, Washington, United States